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Bloodhound Titles

Bloodhound Boys:
MBIS/MBISS Am/Int Ch. Churchil's Treasured Moon, "Moonie" 
Ch. Houndwalker's Ozymandias Moon, "Oz"
Am/Int Ch. Houndwalker's Zoom to the Moon, "Zoom"
Ch. Houndwalker's Old Devil Moon, "Packard"
Am/Canadian Ch. Houndwalker's Man in the Moon, "Duncan"
Ch. Houndwalker's Racing With the Moon, "Carson"
Ch. Houndwalker's Dark Cyde of the Moon, "Cyrus"
Houndwalker's Son of a Witch, "Sonny"
Houndwalker's A Full Monty Moon, "Monty"
Houndwalker's Rustler's Moon, "Harrison"
Houndwalker's Half Moon Bay, "Buford"
Houndwalker's Jagged Edge of the Moon, "Jag"
Houndwalker's Gandalf the Grey, "Ringo"
Houndwalker's My Name is Atticus, "Atticus"
Houndwalker's Moonstruck, "Amos"
Bloodhound Girls:
Ch. Churchil's Iron Belle Satine, Dam of Merit, "Bella
Ch. Churchil's Moonbelle Treasure TD, "Piper"
Ch. Houndwalker's A Wicked Felina Moon, "Wicked"
Am/Int. Ch. Houndwalker's Luz De Luna, "Luna"
Ch. Houndwalker's Miranda Moon, "Miranda"
Ch. Houndwalker's Mercedes Moon, "Griffin Lucille"
Ch. Houndwalker's China Moon, "China"
Ch. Houndwalker's Wicked Endora, "Dory"
Ch. Houndwalker's Elphaba Moon Rising, "Elphie Moon"
Houndwalker's Witch Hazel, "Hazel"
Houndwalker's Wicked Cinderella, "Ella"
Houndwalker's Moon Destiny, "Priscilla"
Houndwalker's Indigo Moon, "Molly"

From a breeding of: Ch. Churchil's Treasured Moon, "Moonie" to Soonipi's Heard It Through the Grapevine, "Rumor", we are proud to announce:
MBIS Ch. Soonipi's Dancin' in the Moonlite MLH, "Phoebe"
Ch. Soonipi's Shadow in the Moonlite MLH, "Sherman"
Ch. Soonipi's Moon Shadow MLH, "JR"
Ch. Soonipi's Fly Me to the Moon MLH, "Tucker"
Ch. Soonipi's Moon Lite Feels Right MLH, "Mamie"
Ch. Moonlite's Serenade MLH, "Sarah"
Ch. Soonipi's When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain MLH, CT, "Katie"

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